We are so blessed you have chosen to visit us on the web. As you see, this site is growing daily as we work to meet your needs. If you are looking for a place to worship our Lord Jesus, you have found it at Brooksville Baptist. 

    If you are planning to visit us this week or in the near future and it's your first time, we want it to be easy for you to come. I can remember visiting a church for the first time and how "scary" it can be. Where do I park, what door do I go into, where do I sit, what do I wear, what time. See, I do know what you may be experiencing. So let me see if I can help!

1. Park either behind our building or in adjunct parking at Justice Center. 
2. Come into door at the back of church with glass in it or walk around the side walk until you see double glass doors and come

    on in and see a smiling face waiting.
3. Wear what you are want. 
4. Bible Study is at 9.45 am and Worship begins at 11.00 am. (Get there a little early so we can introduce ourselves to you)
5. You may sit anywhere you want. 
6. You will get a bulletin when you arrive so you will know what is happening.
7. Please, look at my photo on website and look me up! I am looking for you this Sunday!

     I am sure I have forgotten some things you might like to know, like we have a children's church too. So, what ever questions you have that this has not answered please e-mail me, ASAP!!!

     God is so good and He has been faithful to us at Brooksville Baptist. Come and worship with us as soon as you can. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

In His Service,