We are a little church with a BIG heart!

     Taken from the booklet, "Brooksville Baptist Church", the following is a brief history of how our house of worship came into existence.

     On April 12, 1859 a meeting was held in the Bracken County Courthouse during which an agreement was made to convene a council of brethren and perfect the organization of a church. On May 24, 1859 the Brooksville Baptist Church of Jesus Christ was organized with Bro. George Donnavan as Moderator and Bro Alfred Sowards as Clerk Pro Tem. On August 6, 1859 Bro. E.D. Isabell was received as the first pastor.

     By July 8,1860 the church was ready to consider building a house of worship. Unfortunately, by 1861 the breaking out of rebellion delayed the building of the church, and no regular services were held during the Civil War. Actual building of the house of worship began in 1869.

     A Sabbath School was begun in 1871, and Bro. William Williams and Bro. John A. Lee were ordained as the first deacons.

     In the 1890's with the property in need of repairs and a declined membership, advice was given by the Bracken Board to dispose of the church. Items valued at $250 were given to the new church at Morehead. This would seem to be the end of the dear old church, but in January, 1900 Bro. John Holmes held a series of meetings that resulted in six conversations and seven additions by letter.

     It was July, 1952  before the church established full time services. In that same year, Bro. John Gearing lead the church to build a parsonage at a total cost of $9500. Under the leadership of Bro. Richard Baker, the education building north was erected in 1956. In December, 1987 the sanctuary was extended and remodeled with the addition of two offices and a large meeting room. In August, 1988 construction was begun on the education building south. On May 28, 1989 a dedication and anniversary service was held at the completion of the facility as it stands today.

     At the Brooksville Baptist Church, we study the Bible, God's Holy Word. It is our life guide, and it fuels the passion in our hearts to share the news of Christ's salvation with all who will listen.